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Florida employees could be victims of gender discrimination

Unequal pay has been an issue that women in the workforce have had to contend with for decades. The situation may seem outdated to some, but the problem is still prevalent today. Many Florida female employees may see such unequal pay as gender discrimination and feel the need to take action in order to work toward a more equal and unbiased workplace.

Many female employees for a jewelry retailer are attempting to have a case deemed a class-action suit as they move forward for workplace discrimination. The situation began when a female employee reportedly found that a recently hired male employee with less experience was being paid more than a top-selling female employee. Upon further examination, the worker found more examples of male employees being paid more than the female employees.

The situation does not end with unfair pay as many female employees have also reported being sexually harassed while at the workplace. It was also reported that the women felt that the reports of their harassment were not addressed as they should have been. If this case is considered a class-action situation, approximately 44,000 female employees could join the case. However, due to company policy, the situation must be taken care of outside the court.

Situations of gender discrimination are ones that many people hope to have been put in the past, but unfortunately, many unfair practices continue to take place. If Florida workers have been impacted by this situation, they may wish to learn more about what role they could potentially play. Legal information on arbitration as well as harassment and discrimination in the workplace could help them learn more about moving forward.

Source: The New York Times, "Women Charge Bias and Harassment in Suit Against Sterling Jewelers", Susan Antilla, March 28, 2014

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