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Discrimination charges apparently not uncommon in Florida

When a person is considering applying for a new job, they may take many aspects into consideration. One of these aspects is likely the location of the job. Some individuals may wish to do their research on how employment is handled in certain states, and unfortunately, some may think twice about applying for a job in Florida due to its ranking for number of discrimination and harassment charges.

According to reports, Florida is ranked number two in the United States when it comes to charges filed due to discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Some feel that the numbers related to these charges continue to increase due to employees and supervisors not being properly trained on workplace conduct. If this is part of the issue, addressing the problem more thoroughly may be needed to lower these numbers.

Information from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission indicated that Florida saw approximately 7600 filings of workplace discrimination and harassment charges. Issues concerning gender or race saw the most filings with a combined total of approximately 4700. Though these numbers are high, there are still instances in which employees do not report issues due to fearing retaliation or other consequences.

Facing discrimination and harassment in the workplace are issues that everyone should know how to properly handle and, ideally, avoid. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which adequate time is not given to provide such training. As a result, many workers face hostile work environments and are uncertain how to handle them. If Florida employees feel that they have been subjected to discrimination or other unseemly practices in the workplace, they may wish to utilize local resources that could help them determine if legal action may be necessary.

Source:, "Florida ranks No. 2 for discrimination, harassment charges", Caroline Glenn, April 23, 2014

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