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Potential change in overtime law could affect Florida workers

Many Florida residents are aware of the president's recent efforts concerning the increase of minimum wage and other wage-and-hour issues. Because one of those areas of focus is on overtime pay, it is important for workers who may be affected by changes to be informed on the issue. At this time, a change in policy could lead to several different results, and some are questioning whether those results will be beneficial.

At this time, there is discussion on whether certain salary-based employees should be paid extra for time worked over a normal 40 hour week. It has not yet been decided which salary workers could be affected. However, it was reported that if overtime pay is extended to those who make less than $50,000 a year, approximately 10 million employees could be positively affected.

The positive effects of such a change are being scrutinized, however, as some parties believe that it could lead to salary workers being paid less per year in order for employers to compensate having to pay overtime. It could also potentially lead to companies laying off some of their employees in order to save money. However, there are supportive parties for the change who claim that it would give further benefits for workers who already work over 40 hours a week and do not receive additional compensation.

Overtime pay is often considered a significant concern as it could mean a great difference in how much a household makes in a week. However, some individuals often do not see a change in their income, whether they work 40 or more hours due to their salary. If the overtime change is put into effect, many individuals could potentially benefit. Workers in Florida may wish to stay updated on potential wage-and-hour law changes that could come about from these proposals and how they might be affected.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, Obama's push to expand overtime could mean big changes for Florida, Drew Harwell, March 12, 2014

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