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Fighting for employee rights still concern for Florida workers

When it comes to difficult working environments, farm workers may feel that they face many hardships while on the job. These issues can range from harsh weather and other working conditions to unfair pay and harassment while on the job. As a result, many workers may feel the need to stand up for their employee rights in order to attain a better workplace situation.

Florida farm workers have been voicing their concerns for an extended period of time. They have had some success for the demands of bigger business entities to help them ensure a better working situation, but they continue to have other business in their sights as well. At this time, many are hoping for a penny-per-pound increase for tomato pickers and are looking to entice some other large corporations to support the increase.

While an increase in pay is a significant issue they wish to have addressed, concerned workers also hope to have attention drawn to the sexual harassment that many workers face. Many individuals know that such harassment in prevalent in this industry, and the employees hope that bigger businesses will hold a zero-tolerance policy for such actions. At least two big-name businesses are the focus at this time, but the companies have not yet voiced support for the workers.

When employee rights are at risk for constant infringement, workers can feel unsafe when going into the jobs. As this situation shows, workers may need to take their own actions in order to better their situations. As these employees continue to fight for their rights, information on Florida employment laws could help them learn more about legal strategies or other knowledge that could potentially benefit their cause.

Source:, In 'fair food' fight, Florida farmworkers take on industry, Sarah Lazare, March 17, 2014

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