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Florida baseball organization named in wage claims lawsuit

As baseball is often referred to as America's pastime, it is no surprise that many Florida residents enjoy going to watch the games. The more die-hard enthusiasts often know the statistics of their favorite Major League players, including how much they get paid. What they may not be aware of, however, is the significant payment gap between those who play at the Major League level and those who play at the Minor League level. Because the gap is so significant, a class-action suit has been filed for wage claims made by Minor League Baseball players.

Some players at the lower level feel that their wages are so low that they violate state and federal laws concerning wages. Though many people know that professional baseball players can earn millions of dollars every year, Minor League Baseball players can sometimes receive less than $7,500 for an entire season. At this time, three baseball organizations have been named in the lawsuit, including Florida's Miami Marlins.

It was noted that players must sign the Uniformed Players Contract, or UPC, once they are chosen for the league. This contract apparently states that salary negotiations are possible, but the Marlins' player guide states that contract negotiations are not allowed. In filing the lawsuit, the plaintiffs are pursuing compensation for minimum wage and overtime violations.

Wage claims are very serious matters, especially if payment violates state and federal wage-and-hour law. As this case shows, legal action may need to be taken in some cases in order for violations to be remedied and for those who were negatively affected to potentially receive compensation. If a party believes they have been subjected to wage violations, information on relevant Florida and federal laws could help an individual determine how to handle their situation.

Source:, Minor Leaguers Sue Baseball for Low Pay, in Federal Class Action, Cheryl Armstrong, Feb. 11, 2014

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