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February 2014 Archives

Discrimination suit comes to a settlement in Florida

Individuals who have a disability can often face more challenges in finding employment. This difficulty can stem from finding a position with duties that they can realistically carry out to finding employers who are willing to make certain accommodations. However, if a person is terminated from a position due to a disability, it could be considered an act of discrimination, and legal action may be necessary.

Potential harassment leads to Florida officer's termination

The way co-workers and superiors interact with each other can play a significant role in the comfort level of a workplace environment. If one worker makes another worker feel uncomfortable through harassment or other negative behaviors, the environment can become difficult to work in. As a result, a complaint may be filed and action may need to be taken.

Florida athletes could be victims of wage-and-hour law violations

In the world of professional sports, the amount of money paid to employees can vary greatly. In some cases, athletes get paid millions of dollars a year, and in other situations, some individuals may be getting paid below minimum wage. Though it may seem unlikely that wage-and-hour law would be violated for athletes, it does happen for those who are not in the spotlight.

Employment law: Former worker files wrongful termination suit

When Florida employees notice wrongdoing in the workplace, they may have a fear of speaking up due to the potential retaliation they could face. Filing a complaint with a company may not always go as well as hoped, and if a worker is terminated from their position due to filing a complaint, they may feel that superiors did not follow employment law standards. In such a situation, legal action could be suited for the circumstances.

Florida baseball organization named in wage claims lawsuit

As baseball is often referred to as America's pastime, it is no surprise that many Florida residents enjoy going to watch the games. The more die-hard enthusiasts often know the statistics of their favorite Major League players, including how much they get paid. What they may not be aware of, however, is the significant payment gap between those who play at the Major League level and those who play at the Minor League level. Because the gap is so significant, a class-action suit has been filed for wage claims made by Minor League Baseball players.

Florida job applicants could fall victim to age discrimination

Applying for a new job can make many Florida applicants simultaneously excited and apprehensive. The prospect of being hired to a position that they are qualified for can be cause for much anticipation, but the idea of possibly being passed over and the job given to another candidate can be disheartening. Such a situation can become even more discouraging when some sort of discrimination is thought to have occurred.

Hostile work environment should not be tolerated in Florida

When a Florida worker travels to their place of employment, the way there can be filled with a mixture of emotions. While many people may not pay much attention to how they feel on their way to work, some individuals may be all too aware of the dread they feel going into a hostile work environment. In these situations, some employees could face harassment or unfair treatment on a daily basis.

Employee rights of Florida worker may have been violated

When an employee suspects unfair treatment in the workplace, they may be uncertain as to how to handle the situation. They could potentially keep quiet about the behaviors and allow it to continue, or they may wish to voice their concerns in hopes that the situation in remedied. If negative claims are made, however, a worker could have their employee rights violated and be retaliated against.

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