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Wage-and-hour law raises Florida minimum wage

As many hardworking individuals know, living on minimum wage can make life very difficult. However, many people may not have the opportunities to work in positions that offer a higher hourly pay. As a result, many individuals and families struggle to stretch their income to cover daily expenses as well as bills and other household necessities. Employees have voiced their opinions about changes in wage-and-hour law that could allow them to make higher wages.

For those minimum wage workers in Florida, they will be seeing such a change. The change went into place on the first day of the new year, and minimum wage was raised from $7.79 to $7.93. As the increase was only 14 cents, some are skeptical as to whether the raise will truly benefit those workers who earn a minimum wage.

This increase also applies to employees who receive tips and are paid by the minimum wage for tipped employees. Employers in all occupational fields in the state that employ minimum wage workers are required to enforce this raise and ensure that employees receive their proper pay for hours worked. If employers do not adhere to the change in minimum wage, they could face serious consequences for wage violations.

As a change in wage-and-hour law can be an important modification for many employees, it is vital that workers are able to receive their new pay. If employees feel that they are not receiving their proper compensation for hours worked, they may need to address the issue with their employer. If any corrections needed are not made, those workers may wish to explore their legal options in order to ensure that they receive their proper pay. Information on Florida state employment and wage-and-hour laws could provide reliable knowledge on how to handle such a situation.

Source: Bay News 9, Florida's minimum wage workers to get small increase, No author, Dec. 30, 2013

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