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January 2014 Archives

Class-action suit concerns Florida GE employees' overtime

When employees work in positions that are not in a conventional office setting, there may be some discrepancies in what are considered working hours. These discrepancies can cause serious issue if workers are not being properly compensated for their time. If hours that could be considered overtime go unpaid, employees may wish to seek action in order to have the matter settled and potentially receive back pay.

Florida workers could see reparations for employee rights breach

Having the ability to voice opinions about a place of employment may be something that Florida employees wish to take advantage of. However, there could be instances in which workers could face retaliation if their opinions or actions do not reflect well upon their place of employment. Workers should be protected from having their employee rights violated, and if a worker is wrongfully terminated from a position, they may wish to take legal action.

Florida laws could impact discrimination against pregnant women

Having a job often means being able to use an income to take care of personal and household needs. When a woman becomes pregnant, that income may become even more important as more expenses are likely to come about due to a growing family and medical expenses. Unfortunately, some pregnant women may face employment discrimination because they are expecting a child.

Company files employment contract suit against Florida tribe

Drawing up contracts during employment negotiations can be a helpful tool for all parties involved to better understand what each side may expect. However, if an employment contract is not abided by, a serious situation could occur for those offering services and those who were wishing to receive them. In many cases, legal action may be sought by one or both parties, depending on the specific circumstances.

Gender discrimination laws could work against Florida women

Applying for a job and going in for an interview can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking time for Florida applicants. As they anticipate questions that could be asked, they may also hope that they do not fall victim to any sort of gender discrimination. While there are laws against such discrimination taking place, there has been some question as to whether those laws are currently working against some women.

Florida workers file lawsuit over unpaid overtime

Employees who work 40 hours a week understand that hard work and dedication is needed most days to complete those hours. Therefore, when an employee is needed to work overtime, they expect and should be compensated for the extended hours. If employees must work over the designated full-time hours and are not properly paid, action may need to be taken in order for the situation to be resolved.

Older Florida workers could face employment discrimination

When a Florida employee has been working with a company for the majority of their career and are nearing retirement, suddenly being let go from a position may come as quite a shock. Unfortunately, many older workers may face employment discrimination if employers feel that it is time for a younger candidate to take over the position. While employers may see this as a beneficial business move, middle-aged employees can be left struggling with unemployment.

Wage ordinances in Florida could help enforce employee rights

As the new year gets rolling, new policies and laws are being implemented across the country. Some of these changes that Florida residents may wish to pay particularly close attention to are employment law changes. New policies in this area could help further protect employee rights and ensure that workers are not being mistreated or swindled, especially in areas concerning wages.

Wage-and-hour law raises Florida minimum wage

As many hardworking individuals know, living on minimum wage can make life very difficult. However, many people may not have the opportunities to work in positions that offer a higher hourly pay. As a result, many individuals and families struggle to stretch their income to cover daily expenses as well as bills and other household necessities. Employees have voiced their opinions about changes in wage-and-hour law that could allow them to make higher wages.

Dispute over employment contract involves Florida teachers

When terms of an employment contract come under question, it is important for those questions to be answered and any problems to be resolved. It they are not taken care of in a timely manner, a contract dispute could cause significant issues for employers and employees alike. An employment contract helps each party understand what is expected, and when those terms are not clear, disagreements can arise.

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