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November 2013 Archives

Withholding wages: Florida employers could face serious penalties

Earning wages and generating an income for their family is the main reason that many Florida employees report to work. It is an unfortunate reality, however, that some workers do not always receive the pay they earn due to employers withholding wages. Not being properly compensated for hours worked can be considered a violation of labor laws, and employees may need to take action to ensure that such violations do not continue.

Walmart under scrutiny for violating employee rights in Florida

Facing retaliation for actions that employees take part in can sometimes be a fear of some workers, especially if those actions shed light on negative aspects of a company. Workers are often protected from facing punishment in retaliation for taking part in activities that are well within their employee rights. However, some companies and employers may violate those rights in an attempt to keep negative information from being spread or in an attempt to keep workers from taking part in certain activities.

Former fast food workers in Florida file sexual harassment case

An enjoyable work environment can make any type of job a pleasant place to work, no matter what the occupational field may be. Conversely, a negative work environment can leave workers feeling uncomfortable and dreading having to return to their posts. When a hostile environment includes sexual harassment or other forms of negative behavior, employees may feel compelled to leave their positions.

Florida football player leaves team due to discrimination

Being part of a team often comes with a sense of welcome and understanding that there are other people who support you. Many professional athletes feel a strong sense of camaraderie with their teammates, but it is also possible for some tension to arise between players. Discrimination and harassment can take place in any profession, and a Florida football team is no exception.

Overtime pay a point of contention in Florida contract debate

Generating an income is how the majority of families take care of their needs and the needs of their households. When workers are denied benefits or are not paid overtime, generating that income can become more difficult that possibly necessary. In some cases, workers feel that they are being taken advantage of and take it upon themselves to fight for better wages or working conditions.

Former Florida police officer feels employee rights were violated

Losing a job is difficult for anyone who relies on their income to support themselves and their household. When a person feels that they were wrongfully terminated from their position, the situation can be even more difficult and could possibly lead to legal action being taken. Employee rights being violated are often reasons why former workers feel they were unjustly let go, and if a company is found guilty of such violations, workers could find themselves entitled to compensation.

UPS agrees to settle religious discrimination lawsuit

Many of the original settlers who came to this country did so to escape religious persecution. With that in mind, the country currently promotes religious tolerance in the workplace. While federal law prohibits employers from discrimination against employees on the basis of their religion, religious discrimination still occurs. Fortunately, employees in Florida and across the country have the option of having their grievances heard in a civil court if they feel they are a victim of such discrimination. In recent example, a former employee has settled his claims against United Parcel Service.

Florida woman files lawsuit for employment contract breach

When a potential employee reads over a contract for employment, they typically expect what is outlined in the contract to be upheld. In some cases, however, a breach of an employment contract can take place. If such a disagreement arises, legal action may need to be taken to ensure that the agreed upon terms are upheld or that some sort of compensation is allowed to make up for any losses that an individual may sustain as a part of the contract no longer being considered valid.

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