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Florida man seeks employment law case after wrongful termination

Losing a job tends to be difficult under any circumstances. Whether it was expected due to downsizing or a sudden turn of events, an individual can feel at a loss as to how to carry on. Furthermore, the situation can be even more distressing if a person feels he or she was terminated unjustly. If former employees feel they wrongfully lost their position, they may wish to pursue a case dealing with employment law in hopes of finding compensation.

A Florida man who was terminated from his position as assistant fire chief is currently pursuing legal action for what he believes was a wrongful termination. He claims that he lost his job after voicing negative opinions about the city and government policies. His opinions centered around the city allegedly making false promises and misleading employees as agreements were not honored, though specific details concerning his opinions were not given.

The city, however, claims that the former employee's position was terminated due to spending cuts. Representatives have disclosed that the elimination of the assistant fire chief position will save the city approximately $500,000 a year. Though they have heard the man's claims, representatives maintain that the termination was for budgeting reasons.

The former employee believes that his termination was more on a personal level, and, should evidence prove this to be true, he could be entitled to compensation. As his case proceeds, he may wish to gather more information on employment law in Florida that could help him bolster his side of the situation. In some cases, taking legal action may be the only way to resolve an issue and determine whether a person was wrongfully terminated.

Source: Sun Sentinel, Jury hears opening statements in wrongful termination lawsuit, Heather Carney, Oct. 8, 2013

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