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Florida school board accused of employment contract breach

Business contracts are often made in order for all parties involved to understand what they are agreeing to and who will have what part in the services that may be rendered. However, even if one side believes that a contract is in place, there are still issues that can arise if one party believes that the contact was not binding or that the terms were not fully agreed to. If a significant issue comes up regarding an employment contract, companies could find themselves dealing with a serious legal situation.

A Florida school board is currently facing such circumstances after a company in a northern state filed a lawsuit claiming a breach of contract. According to reports, the school board was considering hiring a motivational speaker in order to train some of the principals and teachers in the school district. The company referenced in the case states that the school district and the speaker had a verbal contract that the board breached upon canceling the proposed appearances.

The school board, however, denies any breach of contract as they believe there was never a contract in place. The board had allegedly voted against hiring the speaker and claims that no contract was ever approved or signed. Representatives for the school board state that they intend to take action against the company in Florida and that the current filing in Massachusetts does not have jurisdiction over the school district.

This situation shows how easily an employment contract can become complicated, especially if both parties are not clear on the information. While verbal agreements can be binding in some cases, it is unclear at this time whether the Florida school board and motivational speaker were truly in agreement to any terms. Information on laws concerning employment contracts could be beneficial to the parties involved to better determine who may have the upper hand.

Source:, Clay school district sued by speakers bureau, Teresa Stepzinski, Sept. 20, 2013

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