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September 2013 Archives

Unpaid wages could violate employee rights in Florida

Labor laws are set in place to better ensure that workers across the country, including those in Florida, are treated fairly in the workplace. This treatment includes recognition of employee rights, such as receiving proper pay for their work. When employees work overtime, they are often entitled to extra pay in relation to the additional hours. If an employer violations labor law by not compensating workers for their hours spent on the job, employees may feel the need to take legal action in order to get the pay they may be entitled.

Florida school board accused of employment contract breach

Business contracts are often made in order for all parties involved to understand what they are agreeing to and who will have what part in the services that may be rendered. However, even if one side believes that a contract is in place, there are still issues that can arise if one party believes that the contact was not binding or that the terms were not fully agreed to. If a significant issue comes up regarding an employment contract, companies could find themselves dealing with a serious legal situation.

Florida hotels found in violation of unpaid overtime, other laws

When labor standards are violated, workers can suffer greatly. Whether it is due to harsh work environments or unpaid overtime, employees should not be subjected to conditions that undermine their hard work and well-being. Should workers feel that they are being treated unfairly, legal action may need to be taken in order to ensure that employers are following labor regulations.

Retail clothing chain found guilty of religious discrimination

Because the United States is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, there are often people who practice different religions living in the same area and working in the same place. While this diversity can lead to an opportunity for people to learn more about other cultural traditions, it can also unfortunately lead to discrimination. Many people, including some in Florida, have a tendency to base judgments on outer appearances, but if this type of discrimination occurs at a place of employment, a worker may wish to file a wrongful termination claim.

Constructive discharge: Leaving a job due to sexual harassment

Being unemployed is a state that many people do not want to be in. Unemployment can create many difficulties due to lack of income and benefits that may have been associated with a previous job. Some people may be insured against unemployment and have the ability to collect certain benefits, but there are stipulations that can determine whether someone qualifies for those benefits. Though quitting a job may be considered a disqualifying condition for receiving unemployment assistance, there are some causes, such as facing sexual harassment, that could be considered reason to leave and obtain financial help.

Florida cleaning company accused of unpaid overtime, labor abuse

It is not unheard of for workers to be recruited in different countries by being made promises of what their lives could be like if they move to the United States on a work visa. People living in difficult situations in their home country may see such recruitment as an opportunity to start a new living experience with better circumstances. Unfortunately, it is also not unheard of for the promises made to the recruited workers to be false. Workers move to the country and begin to work only to face unpaid overtime, deplorable living conditions and other labor abuse.

Florida workers should not forego their employee rights

No matter what the industry, workers are entitled to certain rights and employers have certain standards that they must adhere to. When employers violate standards and employee rights, serious consequences can result. Not paying employees or creating hostile work environments are two common violations that are unfortunately found throughout many places of employment at all different wage levels.

English only: Policy for inclusion or workplace discrimination?

In a country where the people are made up of a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities, it is not surprising that many people speak more than one language. Being bilingual can help break language barriers, but it could also cause tension between co-workers if not all employees are bilingual. Some companies may choose to establish a standard that only one language may be spoken while on the clock, but taking that route could bring up questions about discrimination and whether such standards are appropriate for the workplace.

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