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Former UPS worker files employment discrimination claim

Some Florida residents have a tendency to replace older models of items when a newer and supposedly better item comes out, though the older model may still work well enough. While this practice can be acceptable for equipment and appliances, replacing older employees who are still capable for performing their duties could be considered employment discrimination. Older people need to have a form of income just as younger workers do and being fired due to their age can be a considerable setback.

A former worker with UPS has filed a claim that her former employer discriminated against her on the basis of sex and age when they terminated her from her position approximately a year before she would qualify to receive a full pension. The woman states that she was informed that her position was being replaced by a part-time position and employee. She also claims that she was offered another position with the company outside of her department but that the position demanded physical duties that she would be unable to complete due to her physical build and age. 

The woman's complaint also asserts that there were two other employees in similar positions, one with 11 years less seniority than she and both of whom were male, who would be maintaining their positions. She believes that she was targeted because she is a woman and approximately five years older than the other two employees. She filed a complaint with UPS about the possible discrimination, but they were allegedly unresponsive to her communications.

The woman's case is set to be heard in court where she is seeking compensation for lost wages and retirement benefits. The woman's situation could be a case of employment discrimination, and should her evidence prove beneficial in court, she may be able to gain reparations. Anyone who feels that they may have been discriminated against in the workplace could find information on Florida employment laws beneficial if they are contemplating filing a claim.

Source:, "Former UPS Employee Alleges Discrimination Led to Termination, Reduced Pension and Lower Pay," Jonathan Adams, Aug. 2, 2013

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