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Withheld overtime pay sparks lawsuit for rehab center

The time employees put into their work day is important to them. They could often choose to take days off or call in sick but most arrive to their positions when they should, and many people even work overtime. Some people may feel they need the overtime hours in order to help pay their bills, and they should be commended for their dedication to hard work. Unfortunately, there are many instances where workers are not being properly compensated for overtime hours worked.

Florida residents may be interested in a story involving the withholding of overtime wages at a rehabilitation center. A woman claims that her employers failed to pay her and other employees for their overtime hours worked at the facility. It was reported that the case could be applied to approximately 40 employees. The woman states that she and others often worked excess hours but were never given the proper pay for the extra time.

The claim states that she believes that the employers knowingly did not provide proper compensation for the extra hours and violated labor standards by not doing so. She hopes that by pursuing the case, the company will no longer withhold the wages of those who have rightfully earned them. She also wishes to be compensated for any wages that she has missed out on due to the company allegedly not following proper wage-and-hour laws.

Extra hours put in at work that qualify for overtime pay can greatly help a person's financial situation. They may wish they did not have to give up their free time to work more, but they are willing to do so if that means they can better provide for their families and meet their needs. When an employee's wages are withheld, they not only lose money but also time they could have spent with their loved ones. Anyone who feels that they are not being properly compensated for their overtime work may find looking into Florida employment laws beneficial.

Source: Source: The Pennsylvania Record, "Overtime pay allegations lodged against Delco rehab center," Jon Campisi, July 15, 2013


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