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Florida ex-waitress files employee rights violation claim

Many workers look forward to getting their paycheck when payday rolls around. When that check is less than expected, questions can arise as to whether the employer is paying the workers their rightful wages or if their employee rights are being infringed upon. Workers need to stay aware of their hours and wages as employers can occasion make mistakes and wages can be withheld. 

A former cocktail waitress in Florida is looking for compensation from her former employer who she claims did not pay her the correct wages. The woman asserts that during her training for her position she was not paid minimum wage and her pay was reduced when customers would leave the restaurant without paying. Her complaint also maintains that when her employer asked her to remain after her shift hours to interact with customers, she was not paid. 

In industries such as the restaurant business where employees are able to collect tips, making sure that each employee still makes the minimum hour wage can sometimes be difficult. However, the difficulty of the situation does not allow employers to pay their employees less. It is a business manager's responsibility to ensure that employees are treated fairly, or legal ramifications can ensue. 

It is necessary for employers to make sure their workers are making at least minimum wage. If workers are not being paid at least the minimum required, the worker may wish to file a claim in order to collect monetary reparations for the violation of their employee rights. Looking into Florida employment laws could be beneficial to anyone who feels that their rights have been violated or that employers have not upheld labor standards.

Source: South Florida Caribbean News, "Business: Legally Speaking-To Pay or Not to Pay Minimum Wage," Alicia Marie Phidd, June 25, 2013

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