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Court ruling could make discrimination claims more difficult

As Florida residents know, employment discrimination is a negative aspect that many people must deal with every day. Feeling qualified for a job and having high hopes for getting the job can cause a person to feel elated, as they may have been searching for employment for quite some time. However, to learn that a person was passed over for a job or even terminated from a position due to some sort of discrimination can have a devastating effect. People often cannot help what they may be being discriminated against for, such as their race, age or gender, and to feel judged for such things can be heartbreaking.

A recent Supreme Court ruling has potentially made it more difficult for employees to file claims against employers for discrimination. The ruling apparently made a change to the definition of who a supervisor is in hopes of reducing the number of court cases involving harassment or discrimination by supervisors. The definition would allow for employees to better determine if the person they are having an issue with is in a position of authority. The ruling was reported as being in hopes that employees would be more apt to resolve workplace conflicts on their own rather than going through with court proceedings.

Though this ruling narrows the definition of a supervisor, an employer may be held accountable for discriminatory actions and should continue to discourage this type of behavior in the workplace. If complaints are made to a supervisor or employer, those in positions of authority should investigate the incidents in order to correct the problems. If those in charge choose not to take the claims seriously or do not provide proper penalties to violators, they could be at risk for legal action.

Discrimination and harassment should not be tolerated anywhere, especially in a place of employment. If these actions do occur, it is the responsibility of employers to listen to employees and take proper action. If an employee still feels that enough action is not being taken, they may wish to look into Florida employment laws to see if they could be entitled to compensation for the discriminatory measures taken against them or if more legal action could possibly need to be taken.

Source: Yahoo! Finance, "What Vance v. Ball State Tells Us About Employment Discrimination," Richard B. Lapp and Camille A. Olson, July 9, 2013

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