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Employment discrimination could target pregnant Florida women

Discrimination is an act that no Florida worker should be on the receiving end of. However, employment discrimination occurs to many people all too often. Many people are discriminated against based on race, religion and several other factors. Recent reports are showing that even pregnant women have been the focus of discrimination in the workplace.

Staying hydrated while pregnant is a very important health aspect to maintain. One pregnant woman who worked as a floor associate at Walmart took to carrying a bottle of water with her in order to maintain proper hydration as she performed her duties, which was apparently against regulation. The woman brought medical notes to her employers relaying the information that she needed to stay hydrated; her employers ignored her request and medical need to keep a water bottle on her person, giving her the ultimatum that she could either cease carrying the bottle or leave her position. Because her health and the health of her unborn child were more important, she left her position.

Many women are coerced into leaving their work positions because they are pregnant. Because pregnancy can temporarily cause a decrease in a worker's performance, some proprietors opt to terminate the employee and hire someone who can handle a more strenuous workload. Employers often cite other reasons as to why the worker was terminated, but in some cases, employers have stated that customers did not want to see a pregnant woman working at their establishment.

This type and any other form of employment discrimination should not be tolerated. Being terminated from a position without proper cause could be means for an employee to seek a case against their former employer for lost wages and other permissible damages. Should any employees feel that they were being discriminated against, they may find looking into Florida employment laws beneficial in determining what rights they are entitled to and how to take the best course of action.

Source: Huffington Post, "Pregnant Workers Face Routine Discrimination, Report Says," June 19, 2013

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