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Most in Florida say no to discrimination on-the-job

Florida state law protects against race and gender discrimination in the workplace, but they do not protect those who are discriminated against for their sexual orientation or preference. Because of this, it is not illegal for employers to discriminate against individuals based on these preferences. New data, however, shows that it may be time for Florida lawmakers to consider updating discrimination laws. Florida residents are showing their support.

According to recent data, nearly three quarters of Florida residents reportedly support a new addition to the Civil Rights Act of 1992, known as the Competitive Workforce Act. The CWA would add protection against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or preference. Like most civil rights issues, the CWA has been met with some hesitation, based on the feeling that the diversity of the state could cause problems in implementing these new protections.

Proponents of the CWA note that currently in Florida, LGBT workers cannot take any legal measures against employers who discriminate against them. A University of Florida scholar believes that sexual orientation and preference are no different from race, gender or religion for legal purposes. It is too early yet to tell whether the CWA will move forward in updating laws which many believe to be outdated.

Employment discrimination can happen at any level, in any workplace. Although the Federal government regulates some forms of discrimination, without the protection of the local jurisdictions, fighting for one's rights can be complicated. Florida residents who believe they have been victimized by employment discrimination may find it beneficial to investigate their legal options for fighting discrimination and protecting their rights. The process may seem overwhelming, but with the help of a knowledgeable party familiar with discrimination suits, agreeable results can be met.

Source:, "Poll shows Floridians support ban on workplace discrimination," Jaclyn Rosen, April 24, 2013

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