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Wage claims valid among laws protecting Florida employees

When one thinks of unfair labor practices, images of factory or warehouse work typically enter the mind. However, labor laws for Florida -- and the rest of the country for that matter -- blanket every industry and every profession. These statutes cover a wide range of issues in the workplace, including laws concerning wage claims. For example, the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF) management was recently accused of failure to bargain in good faith and a spattering of related labor practice violations.

MPTF purportedly neglected to divulge information to caregivers and other employees, thus violating federal labor laws. The union associated with the fund has asserted that information on executive compensation, organizational finances, and executive retirement programs and bonuses was requested but never received. A spokesperson for the union said that negotiation efforts have been refused and that management has a "take it or leave it" attitude.

The MPTF has declined to make comments about the complaint. However, it previously stated that it had, in fact, been bargaining in good faith. Journalists have now learned that the organization filed an Unfair Labor Practices complaint of its own against the union. There are no further details are available concerning that complaint.

While it's safe to say the dispute between union workers and the MPTF is ongoing, the issue itself is proof positive that labor laws and unfair labor practices do not discriminate based on industry. Employees in any organization have rights protected by law. In Florida, any person, or group of people, who feels violated as an employee for any reason, including wage claims, may find it beneficial to examine the options available to them within the judicial system.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, "MPTF Union Files Unfair Labor Practices Complaint," Jonathan Handel, March 15, 2013

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