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March 2013 Archives

Wage claims valid among laws protecting Florida employees

When one thinks of unfair labor practices, images of factory or warehouse work typically enter the mind. However, labor laws for Florida -- and the rest of the country for that matter -- blanket every industry and every profession. These statutes cover a wide range of issues in the workplace, including laws concerning wage claims. For example, the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF) management was recently accused of failure to bargain in good faith and a spattering of related labor practice violations.

CVS infringing on employee rights in Florida?

Employee rights is a touchy subject, no matter how it's broached. For some employees, healthcare costs have manifested themselves into a new breed of employee rights violations. Some Florida employees, especially those employed by CVS pharmacy, may find it interesting to learn that a new policy, requiring employees to be weighed in, will soon come into full effect.

Will Florida pass a uniform wage-and-hour law?

Local governments have had the right to implement their own labor laws when it comes to government workers and contractors. However, this may all be about to change, as state lawmakers have begun to introduce legislation that could defeat the local laws enacted in Miami-Dade County. As a result, supporters of the county wage-and-hour law came out in force to protest the proposed legislation.

Employee rights cases draw attention in Florida and elsewhere

While the details of employment and employee law vary from state to state, the issue of employee rights is of nationwide concern. For that reason, residents of Florida may be interested to learn about a case wherein the Fraternal Order of Police contends that a local jail closing is a violation of employee rights. A lawsuit in the case is now underway.

Florida sheriff's office faces discrimination suit

When someone has earned a position and has worked at that position for a number of years, they typically do not expect to have to file a discrimination suit against their employer. However, a public information officer with a Florida sheriff's office has filed a discrimination suit claiming she has been subjected to sexual discrimination. Her charge stems from reportedly being demoted and taking a considerable cut to her pay, despite her contention that she is essentially doing the same job.

Sexual harassment can have long term effects

Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace is a problem all over the United States. The great state of Florida is no exception. Probably more distressing is the fact that issues with workplace sexual harassment happen in nearly every industry - including law enforcement.

County ordinance may help Broward County workers recover wages

In the vast majority of cases, Broward County companies pay their staff members promptly for work completed over a specified period of time. Some, however, fail to do this, leaving employees, ex-employees and contractors in financial difficulty. Wage claims can be complex, particularly if the companies against which they are made are uncooperative. Nevertheless, some Florida counties have made "wage theft" a local issue, bringing new hope to many residents affected by unscrupulous business practices.

Federal jury finds city liable for firefighter sexual harassment

Despite the efforts of the legal system in recent decades, many forms of discrimination and harassment continue to occur in Broward County workplaces. In many cases, the emotional consequences of work-based sexual harassment have a serious impact on victims' home lives. Individuals can suffer from lost wages, interpersonal relationships can be negatively affected and levels of self-esteem can drop dramatically.

Florida bill to benefit pregnant employees

Discrimination in the workplace can affect employees on the basis of factors such as race, religion and gender. Women who are pregnant may also face workplace discrimination when employers assume they will be spending less time at work. A state bill dealing with employment discrimination will interest readers in Broward County.

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