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May 2012 Archives

Celebrity employment lawsuit alleges disputes about overtime pay

Florida has more than its share of immigrant workers, both legal and illegal. Because of cultural and language barriers, immigrants are often victims of employment abuses such as wage-and-hour law violations and other illegal workplace behaviors perpetrated by employers.

The law protects against background-check-related discrimination

When being interviewed for a potential job, it is not always easy to know whether hiring personnel are crossing the line or not when they seek to ask personal questions. Potential employers are not allowed to ask questions that are discriminatory with regards to protected characteristics. For example, they may not ask questions which might cause them to discriminate against you based on your religion, race, nationality or age.

Temp workers may not be discriminated against, generally

When the economy began to decline, the number of temporary employment positions grew, even as full-time employment opportunities waned. However, even though the economy is recovering, a great many Americans continue to be employed in temporary (or temp) positions.

Federal government taking notice of age discrimination

Unemployment in a recovering economy can be a daunting prospect for any employee. However, evidence suggests that prospective employees over a certain age may have a particularly difficult time finding work. Though some are hesitant to call it age discrimination, the failure of employers to give adequate and proper consideration to qualified applicants due to their age is just that.

Can a previous job get you fired from your current one?

Many South Florida residents have periods in their employment history that they're not proud of. Even if you are successful now, you probably worked some difficult and demeaning jobs to get to where you are today.

Employment lawsuit involves seemingly misguided racial jokes

Fans of the now-defunct TV series "Seinfeld" may remember a much-loved episode where Jerry's dentist converts to Judaism. After only a few conversations with him, Jerry begins to suspect that the man converted "just for the jokes." That is, so he could make jokes about Jewish people without being called anti-Semitic or insensitive.

Nine states seek to ban employers from seeking Facebook passwords

In March, we wrote about the latest troubling trend in the job market. A growing number of public and private employers are requiring job applicants to provide their Facebook account passwords and allow the company to snoop around. At the very least, some employers are asking applicants to log into their account on a company computer and let the interviewer have full access to their personal social media information.

EEOC faces large challenge in combating pregnancy discrimination

We have previously written about the ways in which the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is working to decrease instances of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Recently, the EEOC has devoted considerable time and resources to the rising rates of pregnancy discrimination occurring within the American workforce.

Overweight women are being targeted in the workplace

Discrimination and harassment in the workplace are not just illegal. They are also degrading, aggressive and demeaning practices which must be addressed as soon as they surface. Unfortunately for many different kinds of employees, the level of these behaviors can contribute to what is legally characterized as a hostile work environment.

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