When Litigation Is Necessary, You Need A Lawyer With Experience

Some attorneys try to settle cases as soon as possible, especially since quick settlements can mean a quick payout for them ― not to mention a lot less work. While fast settlements can be good for the lawyer, are they necessarily best for the client?

At The Amlong Firm in Fort Lauderdale, we are trial lawyers. Our opponents know we are willing to try cases, which is why we are often able to obtain settlements that are generally better than those obtained by lawyers who have reputations for being hesitant to go to court. Most importantly, we never sacrifice a client's interests because we don't want to do the hard work of trying the case.

Our top priority is to maximize results for our clients. While we settle many more cases than we try, we prepare every case to be successful in the courtroom. Our approach is to persuade the other side to pay a substantial amount of money now to avoid the likelihood of having to pay an even more substantial amount later. Call us today at 954-519-2235 or contact us online for your consultation. We help clients throughout South Florida.

A Hands-On Approach To Every Case

Taking a hands-on approach to every case, we carefully prove fault and damages using sophisticated technology, compelling graphics, expert witness testimony and old-fashioned hard work and preparation.

We are ready to aggressively advocate for your interests through litigation in a wide range of civil cases:

The Experience You Need To Achieve The Results You Want

Throughout Florida, other law firms and attorneys take The Amlong Firm very seriously. In fact, while some lawyers are reluctant to even enter a courtroom, we thrive on it. Starting from the day you walk into our office, we begin preparing your case with the attention to detail and the right resources to present compelling legal and factual arguments in trial.

In addition, our firm's founders, Bill Amlong and Karen Coolman Amlong, have nearly seven decades of combined legal experience. Not only has each handled precedent-setting cases, but each has also tried more than 100 cases to verdict. In addition, both have presented numerous classes and seminars for other attorneys on topics, including trial skills, negotiation, and maximizing compensation and damages.