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Noncompete Agreements

While noncompete agreements serve an important purpose in preventing unfair competition, those with unduly restrictive terms can limit legitimate business and prevent employees from using their valuable experience to earn an honest living.

At The Amlong Firm in Fort Lauderdale, we are experienced employment law attorneys who know how to protect professionals and other employees from noncompete agreements with illegal terms or unfair constraints. We also know when to tell clients that under their contract, they cannot do what they want to do without risking substantial damages and attorney's fees.

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Protecting Employees' Rights To Compete

Noncompete agreements are vital tools used to protect employers' trade secrets, intellectual property and customer data, but there is a difference between effective agreement and an unenforceable intrusion into individual rights.

Our firm's founders, Bill Amlong and Karen Coolman Amlong, have a combined seven decades of experience representing clients and trying cases. They and our legal team have an in-depth understanding of federal and state employment law and can carefully review any proposed noncompete agreement to determine whether the restrictions are fair.

When our clients are being unfairly restricted, we vigorously challenge noncompete agreements that fail to meet legal standards due to:

  • Lack of justifiable business reasons for the restrictions
  • Unreasonable restrictions on the scope of an employee's potential employment; over-broad definition of competitors
  • Unreasonable restrictions on the length of time the employee is prohibited from competing
  • Unduly harsh penalties for breach of contract

The Amlong Firm has experience with the drafting, review and litigation of employee and business contracts, including confidentiality agreements, employment termination and severance agreements, independent contractor agreements, and mergers and acquisitions contracts.

We are trial lawyers who know the law, know how to develop compelling legal arguments, and are skilled at digging up and marshalling facts. Our opponents know we are prepared to protect our clients' interests in court, and we obtain settlements that are generally better than those obtained by lawyers with reputations for being less prepared or reluctant to try cases.

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Before you sign a noncompete agreement, we will carefully review the contract to make sure the terms are valid and that you know to just what it is that you are agreeing to. If you find your career held back by an unfairly limiting covenant not to compete, we are ready to challenge it on your behalf, or to give you a realistic assessment of your options.

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